Selling the Marble Fleece Crew

The Marble Fleece Crew is our #1 selling product this year.

We want to share a few of our selling tips, and our friends at Milk handmade gave us permission to let you in on their secret to selling out of the Marble Fleece Crew. 
We cannot guarantee the same results, but we hope sharing these tips will make your life a little simpler.
1. Post About It. Tie Dye is in! Get your followers excited about the Argaman&Defiance Marble Fleece Crew coming to the Shop.
Use our photos HERE!
2. Watch this video to view how Milk Handmade utilized the Instagram Stories tool to generate demand and sales.
3. Rocking display. When Milk Handmade was not busy selling out of the Marble Fleece Crew through their Instagram Stories, they made sure the shirts were front and center for every shopper visiting.
4. Stay Stocked! We work closely with Milk Handmade to make sure they are always well stocked in every color and size. 
The Marble Fleece Crew has been our best selling product this year, breaking every sale record we have previously held. We hope these tips will help you do the same. 
Here is what a few of our other retailers are saying about the Marble Fleece Crew:
"We absolutely love these sweatshirts and so do our customers! What a great gift"!
- Frank Regards, St. Charles, MO
"They have been flying off the rack"!
- Niche, St. Paul, MN

"We seriously could not keep them in stock. Someone the other day was like WHERE ARE THEY and I was like SHE'S DYING AS FAST AS SHE CAN and then we both laughed so hard"!

- Milk Handmade, Chicago, IL